Try try again

Welcome, let’s start with the generic shall we?

I remember a time where I used to write all the time. A fanfiction writer..but a writer nonetheless. My favorite part? Breaking hearts and getting outstanding reviews. Granted, I started writing 5 years ago, and the first stories were utterly horrible.

But as with many other things, the more I wrote, the better I got.

So anyway, I haven’t written in maybe 3 years because I lost my muse.

A muse with a name, a heartbeat, a smile as beautiful as a sunset- my first love.

Let’s move on (as I tend to have to do with anything and everything)

I’ve gotten the inspiration to write thanks to a friend who writes and another friend who makes Youtube videos. I plan on making videos eventually too, but not until the rest of my life starts.

Hm, I feel as if I sound a bit dramatic. I guess you could say I am.

I have this ache in my heart at the moment; I feel I have the need to share my heart and soul as I’ve always done before.

But since it’s past midnight, and I have to work tomorrow…let’s just share one thought.

I’m thinking that I wish my guy friend would come over so we can cuddle. He’s someone I have a weird relationship with. Someone I probably should not be seeing so much, much less cuddling. I already kind of regret that he stayed over this past Sunday night.

Did I mention I’m 23; did I mention I’ll be making many mistakes within the next year?

Here’s to hoping this preview is enough, and that I will not regret everything I do in the next 12 months.

Until next time



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