This is as unplanned as most things go.

What I really wanted to do was plan my posts, write daily, share the good with you as well as the bad-and how you can overcome the bad.

Except that’s not reality.

Here’s a reality that I have found myself in.

I’ve recently moved out of my parents home back to my college town that I left about 8 months ago after graduating. I’m feeling lost which has led me to find comfort and bravery in alcohol.

If every cloud has a silver lining, here’s mine in this situation: I’ve realized the self-destruction I am- or was- heading into.

The realization is pushing me into concentrating on what I need to do.

  1. Finish TEFL certification
  2. Learn Korean
  3. Get back into writing
  4. Get back into working out
  5. Live instead of simply existing

I realize that this post is nothing exciting. Don’t let me fool you, my life isn’t exciting. Not yet. While this isn’t the best post, I’m sure I’ll be able to post quality stuff sooner or later.

Honestly, I do not really want to post this. It seems uninteresting. I simply cannot gather my thoughts enough to be able to write something as quality as I want to.

It helps that you, the reader, do not know me and therefore can criticize me-and my writing- without bias. So post I shall.

As you should be able to do with most things in life, feel free to express yourself about me or what I share.

I promise I’ll take your words into consideration at the very least.




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