I guess you could call me a failure when it comes to keeping in touch with my goals. So yeah, I told myself I’d write more. I’d study more. I’d prepare myself for the future I want more.

I didn’t quite do that the whole time between my last post and this one.

However, I have to say that I am trying. I finally finished my 2nd lesson of my TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language class). There are 8 however, and I only have until the 13th of November to finish them.

Did I mention I took over 2 months to do two of the lessons?

I’m a failure.

Or rather a really great procrastinator.

The last summer of my college career involved my Capstone Project. My one and only class that semester. Which meant..which meant I had maybe 2.5 months to do this project.

Out of that, I’d say I probably used a week- maybe a week and a half- of that time to do my project.

Final Grade: 98/100.

I didn’t get a perfect score because I thought I had sent in corrections to my professor when in reality I had only dreamt I had.


I’m a failure in the sense that my true potential doesn’t shine through.

Or am I just really mediocre and can fake greatness too well?

Honestly, I’d go with the latter.



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