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Left before we had a chance

I’m turning 24 in three weeks, and lately I’ve been feeling a  sense of dissociation from everyone I care for deeply.

The more I talk to certain friends the more I feel like they don’t really care about me like I thought I did.

This thought doesn’t quite depress me.

In fact, it kind of feels like I’m just ready to depart on my journey to a country unknown to me..and where I know absolutely no one.

I guess I’ve already left in my heart.

I kind of want to make this a big deal; I kind of want to talk to them and tell them how much I do not feel for them anymore and just how worrisome that really should be.

But I feel too far gone.

I don’t quite know what to do but to starve for the attention I need someone to give me after they notice that I’ve been slowly disappearing.

And a cheeseburger.

Definitely need to starve myself from that.

I’m a bit chubby 


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